24 hour crisis & support line: 519.438.2272

Sexual Assault Centre London provides services to survivors of sexual violence in London and Middlesex County.

Our staff and volunteers create safe spaces for survivors to be believed, supported and counselled so that they can begin to heal. Our services are about re-discovering strength, hope and joy both as individuals and as a community. A critical component of our work is helping women and girls recognize their potential as powerful agents of change – promoting equality, working in partnership and making a difference.

We believe that by working together, honouring difference, valuing diversity, leaning into our discomfort, and challenging ourselves we will achieve our vision of a world without sexual violence. 

Bienvenue à Sexual Assault Centre London. 

Services en français sont disponibles à Carrefour des Femmes. Services confidentiels gratuits pour femmes francophones âgées de 16 ans et plus.




Changing Lives,
Changing Attitudes

OPEN HOUSE!!!! Sexual Assault Centre London is having an Open House Drop in on Thursday December 11, 2014 from 5pm-7pm. Please come on out and help us celebrate this past year.


Gathering stakeholder feedback regarding the potential unification of Sexual Assault Centre London and Women’s Community House We are seeking feedback related to the potential unification of our two organizations (Sexual Assault Centre London and Women’s Community House). The feedback form will take about 5-10 minutes to complete and it will be available until November 28, 2014.


Reaching out to those affected by sexual violence in London and Middlesex. In response to recent disclosures of violence against women, Jian Ghomeshi’s departure from the CBC and Ghomeshi’s response to this, Sexual Assault Centre London reaches out to those affected by sexual violence in London and Middlesex.


Girls Creating Change - Young Women's Discussion Group Girls Creating Change is an 8-week discussion group for young women aged 14-18 to discuss issues important to them. These include: gender identity and what it means to be a woman self-esteem boundaries and being assertive healthy sexuality power/privilege and its effects on our lives violence, self-harm and bullying leadership and taking action


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